The following is from Rallye:


We THINK the following is correct. Don't hold us against the wall if it isn't! Accurate information is hard to get.

Some of these colors were only supposed to be on right hand drive cars and vice versa and some colors have been seen and verified as original only on other years. Part of this may be explained by the possibility that the given years are production years and not model years. That is, the year breakdowns may be for all cars manufactured between Jan 1 and Dec 31 even though that would actually be two model years. (The cars models themselves were changed at different times in the year.)

All of the paint numbers and names are given first, then what number went with what year.

502   Ivory White			562   Turquoise (RHD only)
503   Gray				563   Sora Blue
505   Thunder Black			567   Nissan  Blue (RHD ony)
511   Silver Gray Metallic		655   Off-White
524   Red (RHD ony)			664   Spanish Red
525   Cherry Red			665   Yellow
531   Beige Gray Metallic		666   Gray

63-66 LHD				511,525,531

63-64 RHD				502, 503, 505, 524, 562, 563, 567

65-66 RHD				502,511,525,531

67 RHD					502, 505, 511, 525, 531,563, 655, 664, 665,666,

67-70 LHD; 68-70 RHD			505,531,563,655,664,665,666

Here's the numbers from the Nissan microfiche:
Part No.		Part Name
--------		---------
Paint=DN505		Black #505 1KG
Paint=DN531 Gray #531 (Metalic [sic]) 1KG Paint=DN563 Blue #563 1KG
Paint=DN664 Red #664 1KG
Paint=DN666 Gray #666 (Metalic [sic]) 1KG Paint=DN655 White #655 1KG
Paint=DN665 Yellow #665 1KG