Mike, Liz and Miranda Sampsel's '67 Datsun 1600

Mike has had car since 1972. The roadster has a racing oilpump and 1600 SU's. And a 4 speed.

67 Body, 68 Frame and 69 side lights.
Located in Tucson AZ
Purchased from original owner in 1972 for $500. Since then added:
2000 crank shaft
Racer Brown camshaft
Jans Pistons
Aluminum Flywheel
Racing oil pan and pump
Koni shocks
67 Datsun with a 68 frame (traction bar and aluminum fined rear drums)

Third color for car painted in 1995.

Sampsel's roadster from a familiar view for other roadster owners :)

Belonged to Texas Datsun Roadster Owners club from beginning of the club until 1999. Note the chrome bolts for the rollbar.

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