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At the time this picture was taken, this 1969 2000 belonged to Wayne Erickson, NW Region SCCA Regional Exec. In 1991 he sold it to Dennis Peters of Tacoma WA. I crewed on this car for 3 years (1992-4). We ran the local Conference races and took two season titles and one second. It is a full trick race car with a very built 2-liter Solex engine, ultra-close 5-speed, 240-Z front brakes with dual master cylinders, fiberglass, the works.

Dan Garrison of Portland OR in his 1600 at Seattle International Raceway, 8/12/89. Event was a Conference race, Dan's first "real" race after upgrading from novice status (note the red rectangle with black X). Per Conference Production class rules, the engine is stock and the suspension is full comp (but stock brakes).
Photo Copyright 1991 Speed Images.

Alan Murtaugh's factory lightweight 2000. This is one of only 5 or 6 trick factory race cars built. I think the weight is about 1650 lbs. This shot was taken at an SCCA/Vintage race at the Olympia airport in Washington sometime in the 1980's.

Dennis Peters of Tacoma, Wa taking a victory lap at Portland International Raceway in 1992. I crewed on this car for 3 years. We won our class 2 of the 3 years and took 2nd the other year. The trunk pins came loose sometime during the race.

This is the interior of the above race car. OMP seat, Accusump in the passenger side, overkill roll cage, adjustable brake bias, SW gauges

This is the motor of the above race car. It had all the usual race stuff: cam spray bar, 12.5:1 compression, trick head, DeLongh cam, oil cooler, MSD ignition, Solexes, ultra-close 5-speed.

This is my car - 1967 Datsun 2000, SRL311-00430. I've owned it since 1971. Former race car. Full comp suspension, 6 in. wheels, 4.38 LSD. The engine used to be pretty hot but has degenerated over the years back toward stock. A new killer motor is planned...

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