Welcome to the datsun-roadster list! This list has been written, modified, added to, etc. from many roadster owners over the last few years. It really needs to be cleaned up, and corrected, but keep in mind that we all have "real jobs" and families to attend to, so the roadster list tends to be an ad-hoc process of working on when we have the time.

Special thanks to those who have maintained, and added to this list over the years. Whew hard to remember when the "Roadster Mailing List" had six members on it (currently is has over 250)!

This file contains four parts:

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  2. Part Sources
  3. Club Contacts
  4. Books and Articles, and misc items.

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Tom Walter
January 1, 1996

SECTION 1: General Information

Welcome to the Roadster list. This list is dedicated to the pure enjoyment of Datsun 1500,1600 and 2000 roadsters and serves as a forum for the open discussion of anything pertainant that you wish to pass on. Keep us up to date with your projects, parts you might have or need, questions on repair procedures, tips that might help others, or just ramble on about a pretty drive in the country.

As you're a new member, please write to introduce yourself and your car (include your city/state), tell us how you heard about the list, and include any questions you might about your car.


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We all enjoy looking at photo's of other roadsters, neat engine compartments, etc. Due to the size of these files, they should NOT be posted. Some of our subscribers pay PER MESSAGE! Many really do not have a viewer, or method of capturing such a large file. So if you have something to share best is to post it to the ftp sites:



There is also a WWW site located at:



Your local CLUB! Get to know other owners in your area, nothing better than meeting fellow roadster owners and also keeping a "wish list" of what people are looking for.

I hate to see a car parted, but even worse is to find it was CRUSHED as no one claimed it. By keeping track of other members "wish list" you might find a whole car that has enough parts to assist other club members.


I still found the best source of parts to be the DEALER! We have some really good ones up here, and they are still nice to the Roadster owners! I know the Modesto Club had problems, as their dealer got so feed up with the mistakes in the parts book, he threw it away! Easier to tell owners "parts for Roadsters aren't available!"

To make life easier on the dealer I buy parts from, I buy everything that is ordered. Occasionally there are mistakes in the books, but if I get a rubber brake line, rather than the metal one I need, I buy it anyway to trade/sell/swap with another club member. I may end up with a few extra parts this way, but it goes a long way in keeping the dealer happy. Also, as there are errors in the parts book, photocopy your manual or make a drawing of what you need to show them. I usually drop off a "shopping list" with as much information on it as possible, so they can look up and order the parts during the slower hours. Pays off, as they are nice enough to give me a discount!

[There are a lot of roadster businesses, which is great! Hard to keep track of all them, need to clean this section up. Pls send in any updates]

PO Box 1794,
Blaine WA. 98231-1794 V4B 5E7 Canada (604) 538-5615
fax (604) 535-3538

Ross Mullen is a long time enthusiast in Surrey, British Colombia - but also ships International. No catalog, specials are given on his web address (http://mindlink.net/sports _imports/). Good selection of new, reconditioned, and used parts.
email address: Sports_Imports@mindlink.bc.ca

Box 7-A
Kapowsin Wa. 98344
(206) 847-5615

Great catalog and a lot of helpful hints in them! Order their catalog, which has enough hints and tips to save you its $20 cost. Dann Bramhall is well known and knows the cars very well. His prices reflect running the business, putting out the catalog, and storage cost. I believe a new catalog is to be produced in 1996, but haven't seen.

3730 Todrob Lane
Placerville, CA. 95667
(916) 644-6777

Mike Kerr used to run the "San Francisco Roadster Club". He caught flack for running a business and the club, so he stepped down from running the club. Club folded without support from Mike! Prices vary, there is no catalog, but worth a call. They are located in a very nice area of California, perfect roadster country. If you head up that way, stop at the deli/gas station on the main road, great sandwiches!

402 Olive Ave #A
Vista, CA 92083
(619) 940-6365

Les Cannaday sells parts, literature, restoration parts. Specializing in in SPL-310-1500 roadsters, also a restoration expert. web site: http://www.cts.com/browse/lescan email address: lescan@cts.com

Stan Chernoff
Torrance, California
(310) 328-7867 Hobby phone/fax/answer weekends and messages (619) 421-0482 Weekday phone/fax/answer (Tuesday-Thursday evenings)

Replacement dashboards for 65-67.5 cars, U-20 cam tower shims, carpet kits, remanufactured rocker shaft assemblies, trunk weather strips better, 63-70 repro embossed door panels, "L"-series engine conversion kits, 68-70 firewall braces, repro shift plate labels for 65-67.5 and an accumulation of hard and easy to get new and used parts. Free technical help on your nickel! List of some of the things for sale available on request. [last updated 4/96]

11101 Cabriole Ave.
North Ridge, CA. 91326
(818) 363-2015

Dean Apostal, a Southern California roadster owner running a business full-time. Usually you'll reach an answering machine giving the best times to call.

Rising Sun Racing
383 Lakeview Dock Rd.
Bristol, TN. 37620
(423) 878-3147 [new area code, was 615]

Don Morrell is a roadster enthusiast (aren't we all?) who will pick up parts when he finds them, and resells them to other roadster owners to help them keep the cars on the road.

Roadster Racewerks
Portland, OR
10am to 10pm.. after 8pm

Although semi-retired, Suze still has quite a few used parts around here, and will help people find things and solve problems. She prefers it be emergency-only. no catalog, prices based on local junkyard policy and Nissan catalog (ie, half original price unless rare or hard-to-find part -higher- or not good enough for half price -lower-); will ship.

Roadster Products
6205 Knollwood Dr.
Oregon, WI 53575
(608) 835-5010

Bob Dicke has a small business on the side called Roadster Products. He can get NOS stuff but has lots of good used stuff also. He and Bill W. have been finding midwest roadsters and hauling them back to his huge barn where there they sit. He used to race an ex-BRE 2000 in Midwestern Council road races.

San Jose, CA.
(408) 448-3277

Rod Eaton runs a business in San Jose, CA. He was a parts guy at a Datsun dealership about ten years ago. He can get alot of things the dealer can't/won't (including used), attends the swap meets at Far Performance and believed to have a booth at the San Jose Flea Market. He is quite knowledgable and has a lot of odd bits and part to finish up your car.

Dick Tillinger
1731 Godfrey Hollow Road
Olean, NY 14760
716-375-3415 weekdays
716-372-0465 eves/weekends
(or lv message at first #)

Dick is a road racer who has some new stuff (Nissan Comp). I think he also was selling the "welded" 5th gear for those early 5 speeds (that would separate when least expected.) TW 5/95

Topless Datsun
562 Lakeland Plaza
Cumming, Ga 30130
(770) 887-1406

Jim Tyler usually does not answer the phone, but leave a message and he will call your back. email contact: JTyler2L@aol.com

Roadsters Only
Neil Weismiller
8132 North Rancho Catalina Ave
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 446-2612

There is a new supplier that sells used parts at very reasonable prices. Richard Prentice first introduced him to me and had bought some parts from him too. He doesn't sell any new parts (think of him as a junk yard specializing in Roadster's...). [From Mark Hatch]

D.R.E. (Datsun roadster enthusiast)
Ron Hamilton
2134 N. Recker Rd
Mesa AZ 85215

Suppliers of custom racing parts for the roadster. Manifolds, custom piston sets for any need, carbs both new and rebuilding service, special cam regrinds, racing clutch discs, complete motor rebuild for racing and about any other thing you might desire.

Solex Carb parts:

Mikuni of America 818-885-1242.
They have a service manual ($6) and Parts list for the Solex's

The Carb service manual is actually written in understandable English and the parts book lists all the parts you need to get your Mikuni/Solex carbs back in shape. It also looks like new carbs are available (sorry no manifolds! In fact one of the employees of Select Sales, the east coast Mikuni distributor 305-888-2828, is looking for a manifold himself!) [From Mark Hatch 4/96]


Datsun Roadster Association
[address deleted]
Probably the largest group at one time - no longer active. Sigh

The Datsun Roadster Owners Club (DROC) (Southern CA)
Les Cannaday 619-940-6365
Les' email: lescan@cts.com

Datsun Roadster Club (DRC)
(Portland, OR)
Dan Garrison (503) 281-8313

Datsun Roadster Club
(Vancouver, BC)
(604) 520-1744

Datsun Roadsters of New England (DRONE) Charlie Ellis
3 Kimlock St.
Littleton, MA 01460
(508)486-8773 (Charlie)
(508)651-3520 (Dave)

Texas Datsun Roadster Owners Club (TDROC) Mike Adams
4328 F.M. 1301
Wharton, Texas 77488
[Publishes a newsletter at least 4 times a year, mainly for the benifit of the TDROC members. contact Mike via email: madams@tenet.edu]

Mid Alantic Datsun Roadster Owners Club (MADROC) Bob Middleton (email: bob_middleton@smtp.mms.gov) 907 Grant Street
Herndon, VA 20170

Spokane DRA
(509)928-0701 (Joe)

Dairyland Datsun Roadster Club (DDRC)
(608)257-1268 (Bill)


P.O. Box 342
Nundah 4012 Queensland

Noel Finden             - this is my home no, please check time
07 3848 6073            zones first, as unfortunately Ihave to work 
                        during the day to support my sports
                        [email address: finden@ozemail.com.au]

Jon Booker              - this is a mobile phone so any time from
015 764 200              8am to 9 pm is OK

If you know of any others, or know more on the ones I've listed (ie,. do they do a newsletter, roadster runs, etc.), e-mail me so I can pass the info along.

NISSAN Motorsports catalogues are available! Send $10 (1993 price) to:
Motorsports Catalogue
Box 191
Gardena, CA 90248

I was at my local sports car club meeting and found a 1991 Classic Motorbooks catalogue........so, naturally I went through it to see what I could find.

Classic Motorbooks

  1. Car & Driver on Datsun Z, 1600 and 2000 1966-84, 96 pgs., 160 ill. #110048B $14.95
  2. The Datsun Fairlady (Japanese, w/ English excerpts) Vol. 1, the early models, history of Nissan, etc. 156 pgs., 337 ill. #101397B $37.95

Vol. 2, Z-cars #101398B $37.95

Vol. 3, ZX-cars #113727E $29.95

3) Chilton's Datsun Manual 1961-72, all models 187 pgs., 424 ill. #101337B $15.95

4) Datsun 1600/2000 311 Sports Car
392 pgs., 619 ill. #112690AP $29.95

5) Su Carburetor Owners Workshop Manual (Haynes) 1976 86 pgs., 154 ill. #107780AM $13.50

6) Su + Hitachi-SU's for maximum performance 1987 80 pgs., 22 diag. #111642AP $7.95

7) Tuning SU's by G.R. Wade
190 pgs., 164 ill. #107735AE $19.95

I just got off the phone with Classic Motorbooks and have some follow-up info. Unfortunately, the Datsun Fairlady series is OOP, as is the SU and Hitachi SU book for 7.95. Also the Manual is NLA [TW 4/95]

Roadster pins and patches
After you've got the car looking great, how 'bout something for your hat, shirt or jacket.

Frank Beer, a member of DROC, has started selling a line of roadster pins.

Some of the pins, he has for sale:
"Fairlady" framed in red or blue, (like the early model sidescript) Datsun Emblem with wings (not sure what this means) "Roadster" script
'67 1/2 Datsun 2000 car in gold
"2000" script

All pins are $4.00, except the '67 1/2 2000 which is $5.00. Special prices are available for bulk orders -5-99 @ $1.00 off each, >100 @ $2.00 off each-. The place to get them is:
Frank Beer
Tiger Detailing
P. O. Box 9875
North Hollywood, CA

*******************end of A lot of good information *****************